Hi, my name is Dwayne Shelton. I am a Database Administrator for Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL and a little of MySQL.  Other things I’ve done include Oracle Goldengate, managing a monitoring services team, a mainframe operator, a developer with vb.net, and more.  I have certifications in a broad range of IT subjects.  Check here to see what I have learned.  On a personal note, I have learned that I enjoy being creative and helping others. With my previous employer making changes geared toward an off-shore focus, I have an opportunity to finally get my Bachelor’s degree and try some different areas in IT.  That means I have to start over on some things but since it’s work that I enjoy,  I’m OK with that.

I will finish up at WKU in 2020 and probably pursue a few additional certifications along the way.  I may freelance work or since I can be a great employee, I am also open to working for a great employer.  Let me know if that’s you. We can talk.




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