My background

Starting out in IT at a remote DBA services company, I grew into being a “Jack of all IT trades”. It was a constantly changing environment. New projects or support for new services would arise and I would take the lead in providing the service for our remote services company. After establishing the service, I would document the support procedures and pass the responsibility to internal teams as I moved on to the next new project. Learning on the fly is my niche. My employer and I enjoyed a long harmonious relationship where I spearheaded new projects.  For instance, I provided Oracle support for a customer requiring a specialized developer DBA. Another project involved me taking over a large client dissatisfied with the previous Oracle DBA service. After that, our relationship grew to one of a solid, long-term partnership. And more, they tasked me with learning Oracle Goldengate to provide ongoing support to new clients.  Similarly, I was working and training with EDB engineers to provide support for PostgreSQL. I became the SME for both offerings. There were other projects dealing with Weblogic, internal application development, and MySQL on AWS but I think this illustrates the trend. The change was good, and I enjoyed my work. Eventually, though, a change came to the company itself as it changed owners three times in a two-year span. Company directions changed and with that, we parted ways.

What’s next

My broad experience was acquired with only a two-year degree. To be honest, I had not planned on changing jobs. Finding myself in need of a new employer, I realized I needed to make some changes of my own. First, I want to use this as an opportunity to redirect my career into development or other IT related work with opportunities near my location. Second, I was lucky to land my previous job with a two-year degree and I now find that a Bachelor’s degree is crucial just to get past HR filtering on many desirable positions. So, I am enrolled at Western Kentucky University and will graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in CIT by the end of 2020. This puts me back to a somewhat new direction but I am following my passion and don’t mind the “reboot”.


My Attributes

I am flexible, dedicated, dependable and customer-focused. I work well on my own or with a team. Throughout my career, they have charged me with taking on projects or platforms where the experience accrues on the fly and self-learning is the rule rather than the exception. I seem to excel at this as it has been the mainstay of my success. I have excellent communication skills. One can learn technical skills but people skills come naturally. I have the people skills and am eager to adapt my technical skills to meet the need at hand.

Don’t just take my word for it, click here to view comments on my performance reviews.


What I am looking for

Technology jobs in my area are growing but slowly.  My preference is to stay in this location with my family which means I need to expand the types of IT I am open to working.  Also, remote work may play a central role if I am to continue with my previous expertise.  I am well-tuned to the remote work culture so that is an option. A work-life fit is important to me and working remotely after an introductory period is my goal unless I win the lottery and find a local employer. My employer will be friendly towards employees with clear expectations and realistic goals. They will also have an appreciation of someone who is self-motivated and passionate about their work. Room to thrive and grow is always a plus.