A kind notice from my supervisor concerning me accepting a new position. This was my first IT job and I was fresh out of college.  I learned the basics of IBM mainframe and AS400 operation in about 3 months. I was a solid asset to the team from that point on and was planning to expand my knowlege in mainframe applications until an opportunity arose that was closer to home.  I was both reluctant and elated about accepting the new position. I very much enjoyed the people I was working with at EPT.

Dwayne Shelton, night shift computer operator in the EPT Operations Center, has accepted a position with a firm in Northern Kentucky and has resigned his position with EPT effective November 6, 2003. Dwayne began work in the Operations Center this past April.  He quickly learned the various aspects of operation in a multi-platform environment and provided operation support across all shifts. Dwayne’s helpful demeanor and dedication to a job well done will surely be missed.

Please join me in wishing Dwayne well as he embarks on his new phase of his IT career.

Jerry Dixon

Supervisor – EPT Operations Center